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The New Age Script and Screenwriting with Virtual Pitch Fest


Traditionally, script and screenwriting has been an arduous process just because of the fact that in order to get accepted to any studio or publisher, your work must first be noticed then approved. Both occurrences would mean the stars aligning just in your favor. But with the rise of web 2.0 and cloud-based crowd platforms, the landscape for writers seems to be changing.

According to Coverage Ink on Virtual Pitch Fest, a new service called Virtual Pitch Fest allows writers to pair up with pros and have their work reviewed and potentially promoted through a process where it will actually be published or converted into screen time. The process works like this:

A writer can join this platform and submit their work for review, and can even target prospective professionals who have agreed to be reviewers in the platform. Going through this process allows the writer’s work to be directly reviewed by someone in the industry and would be part of companies looking for the new talent that generally becomes elusive unless they reside within Hollywood itself. This strategy allows screenwriters to promote their work from any location, and avoid the traditional move to Hollywood along with its high costs and less-than-lavish lifestyle for a budding writer.

VPF has been picking up steam, accumulating reviews, and is even getting recognized as its own Virtual Pitch Fest profile in Glassdoor, which signals validity with a company as its making waves and becoming more well-known. It’s becoming the talk of the town for screenwriters, with those asking if it’s worth being part of the process, such as in this blog, where a user asks if VPF maintains its value and is responded with an actual user that claims they have a 30% acceptance rating.

Platforms like this are starting to take shape in many different industries, and now we’re finally seeing it in the screenwriter corner. Have you tried VPF or similar services? Let us know.

Check out this video on VPF below: