A documentary film about international child abduction

Update: Received honorable mention award for documentary film.

We first became aware of the post divorce child custody issues in

From The Shadows Movie

Japan is a safe haven for parental child abduction.

Colin Jones, Professor Doshisa University Kyoto, Japan

In Japan, the parent that has physical possession of the children is guaranteed legal custody. It is 'finders keepers, losers weepers' in its rawest and most cruel form.

Jeremy Morley, International Family Attorney

Japan needs international child support law.

Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services

I just want my children to know that their family in Canada will always love them. The Japanese courts have refused to acknowledge the damage that has been done to us and, more importantly, to Takara and Manami.

Murray Wood, Left behind father

When my son finally came out of the house, I yelled, 'Kento, are you OK? " then the gangster pushed me away and eventually jumped on my back. The whole time he was repeating in English 'This is Japan!'"

Steve Christie, Left behind father.